Dr. Andie Tran (she/her)

DMFT, LMFT # 134973

I am a cis-gender, first generation Vietnamese American female. I am practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and trained EMDR therapist, in private practice. I offer individual and family therapy to individuals residing in California through HIPAA compliant telehealth. I believe that the systems and dynamics that we are raised in set the foundation for how we interact with ourselves and with others. It's important for us to examine our past relationships to recognize the changes needed for our future relationships.

My social justice values inform my work to address the intersectionality of our identities and learning to holistically heal from systemic and institutionalized oppression and marginalization. I am deeply passionate about exploring mental health needs of the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander population. I have participated in exchange programs, in Shanghai and Cambodia, that examined the cultural differences between Western and East Asian/Southeast Asian mental health practice. I find it important to understand and address the sociocultural and historical influences on the family and the impact of power and privilege on interpersonal and individual dynamics.

I prioritize authenticity, empathy, and trust in my relationships with clients in order to support you in building a strong relationship with yourself and others. I hope to provide you the space to explore yourself, and recognize that you are seen, understood, and appreciated for all that you are.

Licensure & Certifications

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#134973) in California. 



Training and Modalities